Volleyball practise planning

On December we had the school’s annual Volleyball tournament. I planned for training our team, because I thought we all could benefit from that, and I was the one to organize the team the week before as well. Being a volleyball fan and having had played the sport before, it wasn’t difficult to do it. But the challenge here was planning the whole training session, something I had never done before. To do it I read about volleyball in general and volleyball exercises for beginners (because most of the team had only playing volleyball in PE). I also watched some YouTube videos and used my previous knowledge about the sport to develop good training sessions. Taking into consideration what exercises to do when warming up and stretching as well. Some revisions were made, as I also took into consideration the different levels of skills of the individuals on the team.

Unfortunately, my pursuit of getting a court to practise on wasn’t successful. I talked to one of the PE teachers and tried to work on a time the team could train, but the gymnasium at school wasn’t available. So, my learning outcome 2. Planned and initiated activities was only half achieved. Learning outcome 1. Undertaking new challenges was completely achieved, as I have described previously.


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