Taekwondo Promotion: Yellow Belt

I had my promotion this February, and *spoilers* successfully went from white to yellow belt, also called the 8. kup. As usual I was kinda nervous about it, since it was a first time thing. To promote, there was first a oral test, about what I had learned so far; korean terminology etc. Then I was asked to show the different exercises: punches, blocks, and kicks. The next thing was the famous, and my personal favourite, the poomse; which is a pattern. The last thing, I had to do with a partner, was the 3 step sparring; which is a sparring (obviously) consisting of only three steps. One does the defending moves and the other does the attacking moves, three moves, then they switch.

This was a chance to to show the skills I developed and my commitment to the sport and my improvement.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Undertaking new challenges
  2. Working collaboratively with others
  3. Show perseverance and commitment
  4. Develop new skills

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