Beach Volleyball

I was in Brazil for the Christmas holidays last year, and I got together with some friends and we played beach volleyball. The activity is a weekly thing for them, they usually play every Monday and Wednesday, from around 19:00 and sometimes into the night.

Beach volleyball is pretty much the same as normal volleyball, but usually there is only two players on each team. My friends usually play with as many players as they have, but mostly not exceeding 6 players on each team. I am not really familiar with playing volleyball on a sand court, that was the biggest challenge here. My movement speed was slowed down and the sand getting everywhere wasn’t that pleasant either. Also, sometimes having less than six players was something I had adapt to. There was much more everyone being everywhere than I was used to; and when it happened I was the one stuck in my position. But I got a bit better at moving around as we played. I’m not really so good at it yet, but practise makes perfect. I also got to know some of my friends’ friends.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Undertaking new challenges
  2. Working collaboratively with others

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