1st CAS Celebration

Last week of November we had our first CAS celebration, which involved us presenting and/or demonstrating one or more of our CAS experiences. I talked a little about the learning outcomes in the experience I chose to present, and then demonstrated some of the skills I learned. This was the obligatory part. I was also one of the assigned photographers of the whole event. I don’t really like photographing people, but it was a learning experience; I believe I always have something to learn when it comes to taking pictures of people. It was also a reminder of how light is important in the photograph world. The lighting in the event room was kind of terrible. But I felt kind of legit with my tripod and everything, although I was still nervous about it.

My learning outcomes were:

  1. Undertaking new challenges
  2. Working collaboratively with others
  3. Develop new skills

The whole thing of talking to an audience is always a challenge, but still going there and doing (independently of it being obligatory) makes me a risk-taker. The point of this event was to be reflective and I achieved that through my presentation, which was about starting Taekwondo. I presented with Karen, working collaboratively before and during the event. I believe new photograph skills were acquired.

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