Darlah – 172 timer på månen

On week 45, I started reading a book called Darlah 172 timer på månen by Johan Harstad, it was recommended by a friend and it was nice to use the free time I could get on reading. The book is written in Norwegian, usually I don’t read books in Norwegian but it was good to learn new words and expressions.

Darlah is a horror novel, and quite exciting when it reaches its climax. Though, everything before it was a bit boring for me. The ending is amazing but I felt it left some things out in the open. There is just the right amount of graphics, mostly moon pictures, but the rest helps with visualization. And the front cover is cool. The whole book got me really inspired about doing some artwork, but I haven’t really put much thought into actually doing it.IMG_8319



Bare kom deg gjennom dette, så skal du få gjøre alt du vil.”

1 comment
  1. Sissel Paulsen Sundeng said:

    Great reflections Bruna. Good that you were inspired to do some art after reading it. Sissel

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