CAS experience, and a new recreation

On Monday, 21st of September, week 39. Me and Karen went to our first Taekwondo practice.



The lack of females was a bit unusual, but the guys were nice and welcoming.

We were introduced to a bunch of Korean words, although I haven’t really learned them. It was very intense, and the next day my body was aching all over. However, it was very fun to start doing a type of martial arts, which was something I’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance.

On Thursday, second day of practice, I was sure that I wanted to keep practising it, so I became a member of Elverum Taekwondo klubb.

On week 40, I ordered my uniform or dobok. It took a few days to arrive since the closest store is in Oslo.

Week 41 was høstferie (autumn holidays in Norway), so there was no obligatory sessions.

On week 42, Karen brought Silje along, they both got a 6-month membership as well.


Monday last week, 43, Solveig tagged along for a trial-out.

DSC_0431 DSC_0439

The physical training is mostly fast-paced, there’s a lot of kicking and some punching. I’m learning all these different way to kick and improving my balance.

Poomsae is a pattern of defense-and-attack motions which I must learn to get a higher level of belt. So far it is my favourite part. I guess because of the self-discipline that you must have to perform it, and the improving of coordination and balance.

  1. Kris Uy said:

    Great to see you guys in practice! Just like anything, repetition is key. Keep it up and I hope you guys enjoy your experience!

  2. Sissel Paulsen Sundeng said:

    New Activity, Learning New skills 🙂

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