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KQ: What is it about theories in the human and natural sciences that makes them convincing?

In natural sciences there this thing called the scientific method, that I just learned about. And I think of myself as a rational person, and natural science seems to be more rational because there’s a way to prove all the theories.

This is not how this is supposed to go.

There was a time when I believed in a god, the Christian god in my case, the primary reason was because I was told to. Anyway, I stopped believing in it/him/her. But I understand why a lot of people do.

The thing with human, natural and pseudo sciences is that they are all different forms of beliefs. Human and pseudo sciences go somehow together, because they are both about people and groups of people and how the human mind works and behaves. And even though, most pseudo sciences, if not all, were based on or have some natural science in it, they don’t really relate much. Because (some) pseudo sciences lack the scientific method.

I’m missing the point.

I’m not sure about human sciences, but in natural sciences there’s the scientific method. Where you observe, then develop a hypothesis and then experiment on it, and mostly likely get results and then make a theory. What makes these theories convincing is that there is a way to test it, and not just right there and then but over a longer period of time. Also, if the theory in the future turns out to be wrong or not quite right, scientist change it and learn from it.

What makes theories convincing is more about what people choose to believe in than the theory itself, I guess. Because even though, theories in natural sciences are provable and ‘real’, there are still some people who don’t believe in it.

15 minutes’ up.


Thursday, week 42, I adventured myself in the kitchen. Every Friday at school, two people are set up to bake any kind of cake or dessert for the whole class. I did brigadeiro, a popular Brazilian dessert. Never having done it before, I looked it up on the Internet and asked my mother for more specific instructions (that ended up not being very specific).

Brigadeiro is quite simple to make, so I assumed nothing could go wrong. Well, when it comes to me cooking/baking, things can and most likely will go wrong.

It wasn’t a total disaster though, I received good feedback, and I learned from the mistakes I made. Personally, I didn’t enjoyed eating it as much because it wasn’t as sweet, but it still looked and tasted like brigadeiro.



Condensed milk

Chocolate powder


Optional: sprinkles

How to prepare:

Put the condensed milk in a saucepan with a spoon of butter, and wait for the butter to melt.

Then add the chocolate powder, while stirring it. (That’s when I made the first mistake, I put way too much)

The amount depends on how much condensed milk you have.

Keep stirring it, over medium heat, for 10-15 minutes. (Second mistake, I did it for like an hour)DSC_0413

Then leave it to cool. When it is cooled, you can eat right off the pan or form into small balls and put some sprinkles over it.

On Monday, 21st of September, week 39. Me and Karen went to our first Taekwondo practice.



The lack of females was a bit unusual, but the guys were nice and welcoming.

We were introduced to a bunch of Korean words, although I haven’t really learned them. It was very intense, and the next day my body was aching all over. However, it was very fun to start doing a type of martial arts, which was something I’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance.

On Thursday, second day of practice, I was sure that I wanted to keep practising it, so I became a member of Elverum Taekwondo klubb.

On week 40, I ordered my uniform or dobok. It took a few days to arrive since the closest store is in Oslo.

Week 41 was høstferie (autumn holidays in Norway), so there was no obligatory sessions.

On week 42, Karen brought Silje along, they both got a 6-month membership as well.


Monday last week, 43, Solveig tagged along for a trial-out.

DSC_0431 DSC_0439

The physical training is mostly fast-paced, there’s a lot of kicking and some punching. I’m learning all these different way to kick and improving my balance.

Poomsae is a pattern of defense-and-attack motions which I must learn to get a higher level of belt. So far it is my favourite part. I guess because of the self-discipline that you must have to perform it, and the improving of coordination and balance.

On the first day of school, 17th August 2015, my class went on a trip so that we could get to know everyone.

We took a bus to this place up north, where we then climbed a mountain. It took about 1h30min to get to top, and the view was worth it. Being surrounded by mountains and all those shades of green was legen- wait for it -dary! (I’ve been watching a lot of HIMYM lately). The way down took less time, but we also had to walk a few kilometres to the spot where we’d stay the night.

DSC_0918 (2) DSC_0924 (2)DSC_0933 (2) DSC_0936 (2) DSC_0944 (2) DSC_0948

DSC_0974 (2)

The location was not what I had expected, we were literally in the middle of woods, there was water nearby but the vegetation made it difficult to swim in, and I don’t think anyone had brought any bathing suits.

After finding a not so flat spot, me, Maren and Solveig learned how to set up a tent. It took a while but mission accomplished.



Then it was dinner time, we were set up in groups of 6, and we had to prepare and cook our own food. Something I’ve never done in a forest before. After dinner, we learned a little about the IB Leaner Profile, and the teachers went around and discussed it with the students.

I went to sleep somewhat early and the small space in the tent was a bit claustrophobic. I woke up several times during the night, because I couldn’t get a comfortable position and because of the temperature; my upper body was too warm while my legs and feet were cold.

We got woken up at around 9 am, and although I was eager to come home, I wanted to keep laying for a little longer. Anyway, we got up and dressed and then went to the spot we had dinner the previous night, to have breakfast. After that, we got our things ready and waited for the bus.


Back at school, we disposed of the garbage, washed all the cooking utensils and put up the tents to dry. Then, we were free to go home.

Overall, it was a good trip. And I had a good time, despite my anxieties.


Not being the last to get to the top of the mountain.

Learning how to set up a tent.

Peeing in the woods.

Being bitten by mosquitoes.

Wearing shorts. 

Bathing in a lake. X

Sitting around a fire eating marshmallows watching someone play the guitar and everyone else attempting to sing. X

Getting to know my classmates I didn’t know from last year. X

Taking a few good pictures.